Digital Marketing

Digital Marketiong

Digital marketing is the process of planning, analysis and executing a strategy via a set of various promotional tools and techniques to reach out to the ever growing world of connected audience. Digital Marketing goes beyond Internet Marketing with the addition of mobile and other interactive platforms. The aim and objective are different for different organizations but the goal remains the same as to generate traffic, leading to lead generation and ultimately towards conversions.

Digital marketing consists of different parts listed below so as to give a consolidated result which is better than the sum of different parts.

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization

  • SEM or Search Engine Marketing - PPC CPM etc.

  • Display advertising

  • SMO or Social Media Optimization

  • Mobile Marketing - SMS / MMS / Custom applications>

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Viral Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Articles

  • Blogs

  • and similar and every growing connected media.

Digital Marketiong