Software Development

We Develop software products. Our Software development teams comprimises of .net , php, asp, html,css and we have experise in software development.Software Development is the process of writing and maintaining the source code. Software development may include research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software products.

Software can be developed for a variety of purposes, the three most common being to meet specific needs of a specific client/business , to meet a perceived need of some set of potential users , or for personal use .

There are various approaches to software development.They are structured, engineering-based approach to developing business solutions, incremental approach, where software evolves as it is developed piece-by-piece. These are the following stages of software development:

  • Analysing the problem

  • Market research

  • Gathering requirements for the proposed business solution

  • Devising a plan or design for the software-based solution

  • Implementation (coding) of the software

  • Testing the software

  • Deployment

  • Maintenance and bug fixing